GCStrap Caulking Gun Carrying Strap


GC-Strap is an adjustable carrying strap for bulk and sausage caulking guns. Allows the worker to safely carry a sealant applicator up a ladder, while maintaining the 3-point OSHA requirements.

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The GC-Guns Genuine Carrying Strap was designed with safety in mind. The GC-Strap allows workers to safely carry their caulking guns up ladders or staging without violating OSHA’s 3-point of contact rule.


The GC-Strap is adjustable from 2’6″ to almost 5′ long, the hook & loop collar easily attaches to the front of the gun and it’s rubber lining prevents the strap from slipping or sliding along the tube. The opposite end attaches to the handle mechanism using a swivel hook, the strap’s length can then be adjusted to allow the user to carry the caulking gun over the shoulder or behind the back. Freeing up the users hands for a case of sealant, or the rungs of a ladder.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in


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