GC600 High Capacity Caulking Gun


The GC600 is the base-line model,  it's a perfect universal caulking gun capable of dispensing 10 oz tubes, or foil GPacks from 10 oz up to 34 oz.

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GC600 High Capacity GPack (Sausage) Caulk Gun

  • • High Capacity, fits a 34 oz GPack (sasuage/foil pack)
  • • All Aluminum build; lightweight, durable and won’t rust.
  • • Small enough for tight spaces, Long enough to reach 8 ft high.
  • • Universal; use 10 oz tubes or 10 oz, 20 oz and up to 34 oz GPacks (sausages).
  • • Delivers plenty of power with an 18:1 mechanical advantage.


Increase Production and safety.

The GC600 can utilize the brand new 34 oz GPack, the biggest foil pack on the market, a 12-pack case of 34 oz GPacks can get more done than a 20-case of standard 20 oz sausages. The GC600 can also reach up to 8 ft from the ground, eliminating benches and ladders on light commercial and residential LEED projects.

The GC600 is approximately 26″ long, and has an interchangeable disk to convert the piston to use 10 oz plastic or cardboard tubes.

Why use GPacks?

2.5 BILLION empty cartridges take up over a million cubic yards of landfill real estate all around the world, Thats 80 times the volume of the Titanic, every year. If you stuck, just 10oz cartridges end-to-end they could reach beyond the moon!

Foil packaging is 100% recyclable and can reduce job site debris by up to 80%. GPacks are also easier to dispense, cost less to manufacture and benefit the environment.
GPacks are the green alternative to this common construction material, eliminating nearly 90% of plastic tube waste!

Make the switch to foil pack sealants, Grab a GPack!

Population is booming, Budgets are tight and our resources are strained. We must reduce our impact on the earth and adapt sustainable practices to ensure the prosperity of generations to come. Leed certification and Green buildings go to great lengths to contribute to the sustainability of buildings, infrastructure and communities. But the little things count, too – like switching from plastic and cardboard cartridges to waste-saving sausage packs. Cheaper to make, transport and dispose of! Make sausage pack sealants and adhesives part of your plan for sustainable construction, and a cleaner future for our children.

Minimize bulk and weight for optimal transportation

– sausage packs deliver 20% more weight of product per volume shipped than cartridges – Which means 34% more product per pallet shipped

– sausage packaging’s weight per volume of sealant is just 28% of that of cartridges, saving almost 50kg per pallet – that’s weight you don’t pay to ship.

– optimizing sealant shipments saves transit costs, decreases carbon dioxide output and reduce traffic.

Help with site waste management

– Minimize waste by selecting the sausage size that meets your needs

– Control landfill use.
-Minimize disposal, taxes and related transport costs.
-Reduce the rate at which landfill space is filling up to help avoid potential future landfill availability challenges and increased transport costs associated with long-distance disposal transport requirements.

-Keep ahead of government regulations targeting reduced construction site waste. Prepare for potential future requirements to document site waste volume and type.

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 6 × 6 in


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